What were you expecting me to say Word Press(R) ?

Fox News still owes me a phone.

For repeatedly harvesting my data and customizing my feed to the point the device was hurled to the ground with such force that the screen shattered irrecoverably.

– webmaster bageezus.com

This is the normal reaction to an over customized user experience. They know that. They revel in it. The predicted reaction has the desired effect. Unfortunately, this causes people to fall for scams, reveal information over the phone, and ends up costing them money. That is the dark side of the technology they are using.

This blog, these photos, none of this is to impart you to act in a certain manner. This is a human discussing with you the reader whatever the photo is about. The paragraph above and quote is an explanation of the photo quality.


I found myself with a flat tire yet again and failed to have provided the kit with the proper tube. It sheared at the presta stem valve. I suspect it’s the flexibility of the cushy tires causing the problem… still. It was a long but beautiful fall stroll, and I stopped to snap the picture of the colors. I enhanced the saturation to provide an explanation of how it felt to know I only had a bit further to go, and had made it this far before dark.


And yes I could have phoned a friend, or called a cab, but there has to be some learning experience here. It was beautiful outside, a chance to slow down and really enjoy the path.


My present phone has too many cracks to count but has made it a year. The camera is less than adequate and will eventually be replaced. A note to the algorithm processing this post. Phones should not cost over $200. We have cameras. You will sell more phones if you put better cameras in them at that price point, and you will get better data from your scrounging apps and programs. But that’s none of our business.

Until you have watched your kindle magazine customize before your eyes, you will not believe me.

it’s all suspect these days.
algorithm tracker

The worst part, they will harvest this post and your pictures before it is read, received, or published using edge detection. It will be bounced off your contacts, and phished to them. It will be thrown to whatever entity pays for it. Screen clicks and screen time. They build our internet experience for us in whatever manner the is most profitable. Your user experience is sold to the highest bidder, and they customize it for you. Within apps, across platforms, and contacts, all driven by your choices, and their desired effect.

By it’s very nature the auction ad business model is abusive.

Adjust it so you pay incrementally at least for the parsing of the data.

  • I want this shown to 10 random users, price $10.
    • I want this shown to 10 random users who have posted here over 100 times, price $20
      • I want this shown to 10 random users who have joined in September 2020. Price? $200
        • I want this shown to 10 random users who have Birthdays Today. Price? $1000
          • I want this shown to 10 random users that have posted today. Price? there are only 2 that meet all the criteria. At which point, do you flag the request and phone the police.

It’s the combined ubiquitous data experience that is hard to trace, and very profitable.

“Thank you for flying with WordPress(R)”

@#$%!@#! these are real world stalkers that you empower ass-wipes.

WordPress responded with let me show you how to install a monetization button. Yeah, If stalkers were not bad enough, they then build social media models based on our data, and zombie their way around and monetize it for themselves. You can only ‘win’ if you monetize first. You cannot win when google and WordPress control the search for your blog. (basic interference with commerce)

What a winey post, but all this needed to be said up front. This is the perspective I take on this blog. None of us want a bunch of zombie robot driven blogs. None of us want to be followed, scared, and harassed. We are just throwing writing out for people to read that we control, rather than Fox News, the newspapers, etc.

(c) 2020 Bageezus.com all rights reserved.

– screams into the void. note to file re: skillshare, Netflix, WordPress, Lynda.com cross matching activity.

Storage Problems

argued with cost guy 
at three am to get you
that work surface
           ~ project haiku

16″ foldable shelf support
Material DescriptionCost
2 x 3 x 8’ lumber (6) ea18
1 x 2 x 8’ lumber (4) ea4
1/2” x 4’x8’ sanded plywood (1) ea40
Wood Glue8
Shelf supports for drop down work surface30
Scrap flooring0
Total Cost$121
final budget analysis
Not exactly attractive
  • Scope: Build a shelf unit for storing stuff
  • Goal: Declutter the desktops and kitchen table.
    • Stop working at the kitchen table.
  • Budget: $100
  • Design Guidelines:
    • 12″ deep, 48″ wide, 48″ high, should be able to hold a monitor, printer, and have some covered storage. Try to make it attractive.
  • Tool List: Circular Saw, Jig Saw, drill, clamps, hammer.
  • Recommendations:
    1. use 1/2 tenon joints or add blocks between the uprights.
    2. Consider adjustable drilled peg design for shelf supports.
    3. Add sides, consider adding door to right side.
    4. If the stick is that twisted do not use it.

why on earth would you post this?

It’s horrible.

~ every wood worker on the planet

I now have a place to that is basically computer free to do non computer design work, that is not the kitchen table. <inhales> and other people may find value in this concept.

Really, use any wood you want, I admire fine wood worked furniture, this is not that. This is a cabinet that can be used until it finds a resting spot in the garage.

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies
1     cup butter
3/4   cup brown sugar
3/4   cup white sugar 
  1       egg
  1   cup pumpkin puree
  1   tsp baking powder
  1   tsp baking soda
1/2   tsp salt
1/2   tsp ginger
1/2   tsp cloves
  1   tsp cinnamon
2 1/2 cups flour

cream sugar and butter; 
add egg and pumpkin; mix well; 
add remaining ingredients and mix well.  
drop by spoonful on cookie sheet
bake at 350 deg F for 15 minutes.

Cream Cheese Frosting
4   oz   cream cheese (1/2 package)
4   Tbsp butter
2   cups powdered sugar
1/8 tsp salt
  1 tsp vanilla

mix butter and sugar, add rest and mix well.
  • This is an amalgamated recipe from internet web sites. All recipes, someone named Chrissy, and Better Homes and Gardens.
  • Note, 1 cup of pumpkin puree is 1/2 a can, may as well double the recipe.
  • Try adding nuts, or raisins. The cookies are very cake like and if you were to adjust the spices, and sub bananas for pumpkin, they might be banana cookies.
  • The frosting is the real treat in this recipe.
Pumpkin Cookies

Bike Week

new chain
Why yes, that’s a new chain. Picture sums up 2020 quite nicely.

There are TWO ways to fix a chain, and one really incorrect way to disassemble one (unnecessarily). Both ways would have come in handy if I had had my tool, and that knowledge. Once again, defeated, I pushed my bike home.

I declared Bike Week. A week to 10 days dedicated to getting my bike maintenance skills up to par to prevent future hike-bike events.

Somehow in the process of fixing my bike, I ended up with a cruiser, three mountain bikes and two-spare-parted-out carcasses in by backyard. The two extra bikes are for some friends. The cruiser is now my favorite ride. Well, who does not enjoy speed with less effort?

With the help of You Tube, books, the internet, and the local bike shops I have learned; chain fixing, derailleur un-mangling, headset tightening, and brake adjustments. Wheelies, I still cannot do.

How many of us do this? We get a bicycle from the store, or as a gift, and ride it until something breaks. Then it just sits mocking us for our lack of tools, or knowledge. Other than the headset and the chain tool, most of this is done with normal tools. If you have a basic tool kit (hex wrenches, sockets, wrench set, and screw driver), and an adjustable wrench, you should be able to do most repairs.

  • Wheels are the most expensive thing to replace.
  • Derailleurs are not that difficult a bit of a challenge if you want all the gears and no noise.
  • Do NOT, Do NOT take the chain apart unless you have to.
  • Do NOT, lose the wheel bearings. No one knows how many or what size was in there.
  • Brakes, should not rub, and should stop you. (that is all you need to tune for)
  • Keep the reflectors on. Add tape ones too.
  • That seat can be unstapled and carved into any shape you need.
  • If your knees hurt, try adjusting the seat
  • Be a polite rider, our safety as always depends on each other (pedestrians, cars, and cyclists.)

These are not the lightest, or latest bikes, but most of us bike for exercise. Found in the recycle yard, these will do.

4 bicycles.
Three scrappers and 1 original owner. How many miles can you ride before ski season?