Bike Week

new chain
Why yes, that’s a new chain. Picture sums up 2020 quite nicely.

There are TWO ways to fix a chain, and one really incorrect way to disassemble one (unnecessarily). Both ways would have come in handy if I had had my tool, and that knowledge. Once again, defeated, I pushed my bike home.

I declared Bike Week. A week to 10 days dedicated to getting my bike maintenance skills up to par to prevent future hike-bike events.

Somehow in the process of fixing my bike, I ended up with a cruiser, three mountain bikes and two-spare-parted-out carcasses in by backyard. The two extra bikes are for some friends. The cruiser is now my favorite ride. Well, who does not enjoy speed with less effort?

With the help of You Tube, books, the internet, and the local bike shops I have learned; chain fixing, derailleur un-mangling, headset tightening, and brake adjustments. Wheelies, I still cannot do.

How many of us do this? We get a bicycle from the store, or as a gift, and ride it until something breaks. Then it just sits mocking us for our lack of tools, or knowledge. Other than the headset and the chain tool, most of this is done with normal tools. If you have a basic tool kit (hex wrenches, sockets, wrench set, and screw driver), and an adjustable wrench, you should be able to do most repairs.

  • Wheels are the most expensive thing to replace.
  • Derailleurs are not that difficult a bit of a challenge if you want all the gears and no noise.
  • Do NOT, Do NOT take the chain apart unless you have to.
  • Do NOT, lose the wheel bearings. No one knows how many or what size was in there.
  • Brakes, should not rub, and should stop you. (that is all you need to tune for)
  • Keep the reflectors on. Add tape ones too.
  • That seat can be unstapled and carved into any shape you need.
  • If your knees hurt, try adjusting the seat
  • Be a polite rider, our safety as always depends on each other (pedestrians, cars, and cyclists.)

These are not the lightest, or latest bikes, but most of us bike for exercise. Found in the recycle yard, these will do.

4 bicycles.
Three scrappers and 1 original owner. How many miles can you ride before ski season?

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