I can no more escape the season

than I could…

sprout wings from my shoulders and take flight.

cooking raspberry jam

Once you acquire the equipment, you cannot help but use it. In an effort to be efficient, the kitchen will remain a disaster area for a week. Jars laden the counters, lids strewn about, funnels and magnetic sticks piled where you won’t lose them, and do not even think about putting it away until it is over. Because, chances are you had to unload the entire cupboard to get the canner out of the back behind the turkey roaster, that wire rack for what? from where?

Simply follow the directions on the pectin package, and you will most likely succeed. Please, everyone, opt for the cooked recipes, and hot water bath seal everything.

Testing jam for setting up
scraping the bottom of the pan to see if it set-up

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