as if ? random bat-virus was not enough to deal with?

This is a sample post of crapola to be filling my site between real post of slightly less aromatic crapola. Will try to hash tag them same to keep them identifiable from stuff to take in a bit more seriously. Meaning information I actually think is valuable to know.

Just getting back into blogging and WordPress. Ummm no, have not informed by family, we’ll just let that be are little secret. Gauging by the variable stalkers there are are no secrets here anyway. So to use a phrase I learned today “Sod off.” – Anarchist Toolbox #52

Gotta go work on better content than this, without breaking self-inflicted Covid quarantine. I am allowed to pick-up groceries and stuff, just not actually roam around the planet. Weird. I know.

Diggin’ reading the blogs, and really glad people still blog for whatever reasons.

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