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– new blog, same idiot

Brief ruminations outside of twitter rage fest to be captured and concealed from the general population due to the untimely nature of the posts, and the relative obscurity of this blog. If you read it, promptly remember the parts that were useful and be good enough not to pass on the other to the rest.

The idea that we are having a dialog, is not actually correct. A dialog consists of feedback open and clearly delivered in context of the discussion. A dialog does not consist of an obvious round a bout way of saying or demonstrating that someone told me something, and I should do something about it without actually speaking of the issue or identifying the someone. Setting examples coincidentally began to annoy the users to the point the rejected the design of the templates, the software, and social media.

It is patently offensive. The trouble with symbolic communication.

Mock: (verb) tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner. a form of emotional abuse.


There are contact pages, and notifications, use them. Don’t guess, don’t stalk, don’t play anonymous detective. In most cases, they are using mined ‘anonymized’ financial, text, location and photographic data to manipulate people.